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These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to only as "Terms") apply to your use of Our Site, "Greeneva Semijoias".

Our Site isined by the legal entity THAIS DOS SANTOS NEIVA ("GREENEVA SEMIJOIAS"), duly registered under CNPJ n. 49.096.749/0001-73, e-mail:, headquartered at: Uberlândia MG

These Terms apply to all those who register on Our Site, so anyone wishing to complete their registration must read carefully and agree to the rules provided in this document.

Those who do not understand or accept the rules set forth in these Terms will not be able to register on Our Site and consequently may not access or use the features restricted to registered users.


"We", "Our" or "Ours" refers to THAIS DOS SANTOS NEIVA LTDA ("GREENEVA SEMIJOIAS"), the legal entity thatins and is responsible for the Site.

"Site" is the site that can be accessed from the address "", including all its pages and resources.

"Consumer Protection Code" or "CDC" is Federal Law n. 8.078, of 11 September 1990.

"Parties" refers to both the User and Us, indistinguishably.

"Products" refers to the following products that are sold directly by Us through Our Site and that may be purchased by Users:

Semi-juice products and accessories.

"Our Content" refers to any information or data posted or made available directly by Us on the Site, including, but not limited to, texts, images, videos and audio.

"User" means the person who browses or otherwise uses Our Site.


Only persons over the age of 18 may register on our Site.

3. Maintenance, Modification and Exclusion of the Registry

Each User may maintain only one account with the Site. Duplicate accounts, when identified, will be automatically disabled by Us, without prejudice to any other appropriate penalties.

In order for the registration to be completed, the User must provide the required data in full. All information provided by the User must be accurate, true and up-to-date. In any case, the User may be liable, in the civil and criminal sphere, for the veracity, accuracy and authenticity of the data provided.

The User must provide a valid e-mail address, through which all contacts will be made. All communications sent to the said address will be considered read by the user, who therefore undertakes to regularly consult the messages received and to respond to them, if necessary, within a reasonable time.

After confirmation of registration, the user will have a personal login and password, which must be used by him for accessing his account on the Site. These data should not be communicated by the User to third parties, and it is his or her sole responsibility to use them. You must inform Us immediately if you suspect any suspicious or unexpected activity on your account.

You are not permitted to assign, sell, rent or transfer, in any way, a User account that is personal and non-transferable.

Whenever the data in your registration is outdated, the User must correct them by means of the tools we provide to do so.

The User who breaches any of the rules contained in this instrument will have his account suspended and will be notified to justify it. If there is no submission of justification within the specified time frame or if the justification is not accepted, your registration will be deleted, being prohibited from making new registration on the Site.

The user may, at any time and without the need for justification, request the cancellation of his registration with the Site. Your declassification will be carried out as soon as possible, provided that no debits are verified.

Whether in the event of a request for cancellation of registration, or in the case of deletion for non-compliance with the rules provided herein, the User's personal data will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy, and it is possible that all or some of the data are retained even after the account is deleted, regardless of the consent of the personal data holder.


We are committed to using all technical solutions at our disposal so that the Site can be accessed 24 (twenty-four) hours a day, every day. However, we may, at any time, interrupt, restrict or suspend access to the Site or to some of its pages or resources in order to carry out updates, modifications, fixes or any other action that we consider necessary to ensure its proper functioning.


For good management, We will be able, at any time:

(a) suspend, interrupt or restrict access to all or part of the Site to a specific category or to all Users;

b) remove any information that may interfere with the functioning of the Site or that is in conflict with the norms of Brazilian or international law;

c) suspend the Site in order to make updates and modifications.


Although we take every effort to keep Our Site fully and properly operational, We shall be liable for any defects or defects that may be found in the computer program that makes up Our Site and which have been caused by Us, provided that there is proven damage.

Defects or problems arising within or as a result of the systems or equipment used by the User to access and use Our Site will not be our responsibility.

We are not responsible for the use that Users make of Our Site, and they are responsible personally and exclusively for their own actions.

We will not be liable for any damages arising from accident, force majeure or those arising out of actions of third parties.

We are responsible for Our Products marketed within the Site and undertake to deliver them in accordance with the conditions established during the contract. We are not liable, however, in situations beyond our control, such as situations in which the Contracting User passes false or incorrect information to us or in which there is a fortuitous event or force majeure that damages or prevents us from fulfilling our commitments in a timely manner.


The User must use the functionality of the Site for purposes not contrary to the law, morality or good customs. In particular, it should be limited to using them in accordance with the purposes for which they were created.

You may not use crawlers, robots or any computer programs, algorithms, equipment or automated methodologies to access, copy, read, monitor, browse, fill in forms or publish content on the Site.

You may not use any automated or manual means or tools to access any content or information that has not been intentionally made available to you by Us, including the information contained in sections of Our Site and that are stored or circulate within the Information Technology infrastructure used by Us that includes equipment, networks and servers.

You may not violate or test the vulnerabilities of the security mechanisms of the Site or the Information Technology infrastructure used by Us.

You may not use any of the contents or information made available on Our Site for the purpose of identifying other Users or other persons, unless the content or information is lawfully disclosed for this purpose.

The User shall not overload the Information Technology infrastructure thatins the Site with an excessive or unreasonable number of requests.

You may not hide your identity or the origin of your connection, nor may you pretend to be another person. In this sense, in addition to other possible conduct, the User shall not use any tools or mechanisms to manipulate or to mask the origin of any message sent to Us or to Our Information Technology infrastructure through Our Site or any of its functionalities.

The registered User will be responsible for the use that is made of their user accounts, and must ensure that their access credentials (login and password) are not shared with third parties.

You are responsible for ensuring the security of the electronic equipment and systems you use to access the Site.


Our Site may contain external links that redirect you to other Internet pages over which We have no control.

Despite the prior and regular checks that we carry out, We disclaim any responsibility for the content found on the pages and applications that may be accessed from these links.


The computer programs that make up the Site and Our Content made available on the Site are Our property, unless expressly stated otherwise.

Our computer programs and Our Content that are copyrighted may not be, in whole or in part, copied, reproduced, represented, adapted or in any way altered, by any means and for any purpose, without Our prior, express and written permission. In the event of violations of Our intellectual property rights, We reserve the right to take all appropriate judicial and extrajudicial measures.

Access to the Site does not generate for the User any intellectual property rights relating to elements of the Site.


Through the Site, We provide the customer with a catalogue or an online store accurately presenting the Products sold. The Products are described and presented with the greatest degree of accuracy possible, accompanied by correct, clear, accurate, ostensible and in Portuguese language information on their characteristics, qualities, quantity, composition, price, warranty, expiry periods and origin, among other data, as well as on the possible risks to the health and safety of the User who acquires them.

The Products are put for sale up to the limit of the available stock.

The prices and fees relating to the sale of the Products are specified in the catalogue or in the online store.

Before finishing the purchase of a particular Product, the User must inform himself about its specifications and about its destination. If it is a Product purchased within the scope of offers, the User must also observe its conditions of application.

The offers will be made available on the Site according to Our convenience. They may be completed before the deadline, if the stock is finished and it is not possible to re-establish it with Our suppliers.


The Seller reserves the right to modify the prices of the Products at any time by publishing them on the Site.

The rates in force at the time of the order will be applied, subject to availability of Products on that date.

The prices will be indicated in real and will not include the delivery fees, which will be specified separately and will be informed before making the order.

The total amount of the application, including all fees, will be indicated before the final validation of the request.


Payment of the request shall be made in advance or on time, by the following means:

Debit card, Credit card, PIX, TED, Paypal.


The delivery time of the Products purchased on the Site will be informed at the time of ordering, on business days. The delivery time is calculated according to the stock, the region, the process of issuing the tax note and the preparation of the order.

After completion of the order, it may not be possible to change the method of payment, the delivery address or the terms of delivery of the Product, such as priority or advance.

Deliveries will be carried out by means of the service provided by the company itself of the package transportation branch, specially contracted for this purpose. Immediately after sending the order, the customer will be informed about the responsible company, as well as about its delivery policy, such as the days and times in which it can be carried out. He will also be informed of the order registration number, if any, for simultaneous follow-up via the Internet.

We are not responsible for the assembly or disassembly of Products, nor for their transportation, after delivery to the address informed by the customer.


Within 7 (seven) days, counted from the date of receipt of the purchased product, the customer can withdraw from the purchase and request the refund of the amounts paid, without the need to present any justification.

In this case, he must return the purchased product or service to the seller under the same conditions in which he received it.


The exchange and return policy of the Site will be governed by the Consumer Protection Code (Federal Act No. 8.078, of 11 September 1990).

Apart from the possibility of customer’s regret, the exchange or return of the products or services purchased will only be carried out by checking for quality or quantity defects that make them inappropriate or inadequate to the consumption for which they are intended or that decrease their value.

Also can be exchanged or returned the products or services that differ with the indications contained in the container, the packaging, labelling or advertising message, respecting the variations arising from their nature.

The User should contact us through our service, as soon as he finds the addiction in the product or service purchased. If, within a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days, it is not possible to resolve the defect or, irrespective of this period, the replacement of the defective parts may compromise the quality or characteristics of the product or service, decrease its value or if it is an essential product or services, the User may choose to replace the product with another of the same kind or the re-execution of the service, the refund of the amount paid or the proportional discount of the price.


We process the personal data of Users in accordance with the Federal Law n. 13.709/2018 (General Data Protection Act) and other related regulations that apply to Us. More information on this subject can be found in our Privacy Policy, which can be accessed from the link: policies.

In this Policy, we identify the personal data we process and provide information about how, why and on what legal basis we do so, as well as how users can exercise their rights related to the protection of their personal data and how they can contact our Data Protection Officer.

Requests for amendment, rectification or deletion of personal data must be directed to Us in accordance with the provisions of that Policy.


In case of questions, suggestions or problems with the use of the Site, the User can contact our service directly, by e-mail: or by telephone: +55 34 9 9800 2611. These customer service services will be available on the following days and times:


Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00


The User may also choose to send correspondence to the address of the Headquarters of the Site, indicated at the beginning of this document.


Without prejudice to other appropriate legal measures, We may, at any time, warn, suspend or cancel the User's account:

(a) that breach any of the provisions contained in this instrument;

b) that you fail to fulfil your duties as a User;

(c) to commit fraudulent, illegal or immoral acts;

(d) that you provide any incorrect information;

e) whose behavior constitutes or may result in offence or harm to third parties or to the Site itself.


This version of the general terms and conditions of use and purchase and sale was last updated on: 01/01/2024.

We reserve the right to modify, at any time, the website and the services, as well as these rules, especially to adapt them to the developments of the Site, either by providing new features, or by deleting or modifying those already existing.

The User will be explicitly notified in the event of a change to this term.


For the settlement of disputes arising from this instrument, the Brazilian law, especially its consumer legislation, will be applied in full.

Any disputes should be filed in the court of the district where the publisher of the site is located.


The staff of the site Greeneva Semijoias wishes you an excellent navigation!



"Greeneva Semijoias"

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