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Goiana launches sustainable semi-jewelry brand

in the photo Thais Neiva sitting and Bruno Araujo standing, are owners and creators of the Greeneva brand and the semjioias circular economy cycle

Goiana launches sustainable semi-jewelry brand. Greeneva hits the market this Friday (5/12). Founded by Thais Neiva from Goiás and Bruno Araújo from São Paulo, it is among the first in Brazil to introduce the circular economy in the semi-jewelry segment. The brand aims to solve an environmental problem present in Brazilian homes: the accumulation of semi-jewelry and costume jewelry.

To this end, the company promises to reuse the valuable materials from such pieces in the manufacture of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. In addition to encouraging customers to exchange old or forgotten accessories for discounts of up to 15% when purchasing the brand's semi-jewelry.

Suppliers and partners are also carefully chosen. Based on practices that help protect and preserve the environment, such as the appropriate disposal of heavy metals and the reuse of water, for example.


The brand name combines two concepts: green, in reference to nature and environmental commitment, and Eva, which evokes the figure of the first woman. Bringing an idea of femininity and timeless elegance, thus combining the beauty and elegance of semi-jewelry with ecological awareness.

“It is a cycle of constant renewal that supports our vision of sustainable fashion, where each piece of jewelry has a continuous story and purpose. At Greeneva, each piece is carefully created to contribute positively to society”, highlights Thais Neiva, CEO of the brand.

According to her, Greeneva proposes to contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution generated by the incorrect disposal of such parts. In addition to saving the extraction of new materials for the manufacture of semi-jewelry and also encouraging conscious consumption and environmental responsibility. Starting this Friday, the brand's products will be sold via the website or via Instagram profile (@greenevasemijoias).

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